Corrective/Performance Exercise Program

   The foundation for good physical health begins with posture. Posture can be defined as the position from which movement begins and ends. If one exercises and moves with poor posture, one lives in poor posture. The musculoskeletal system selectively prefers balance and alignment. Poor alignment not only causes significant joint, disc, and muscle distortion, it also affects the nervous system which commands and coordinates our entire body.

    This program analyzes:
    • posture
    • muscular length/tension relationships
    • movement patterns
    • core function
    • joint range of motion
    thereby helping to reduce pain and improve overall performance. Our system benefits those with:
    • back pain
    • hip pain
    • knee pain
    • shoulder pain

and other orthopedic pathology.

6 Week Package- $900
-Includes 2-3 hour assessement/evaluation and 6 weeks Program Design with video.

Essential Movement for Golf Performance Program

"It's not the arrow.... it's the Indian"

Optimal physical condition provides the foundation for skill in sports. Golf demands excellent physical conditioning in addition to ball flight control and swing mechanics. Most golfers have physical limitations in the areas of flexibility and stability. This leads to lack of strength development and therefore power limitations in their ability to execute a bio-mechanically efficient golf swing. Power leaks in the kinetic chain and the inability to transfer forces from the ground up, through the entire kinetic chain to the club, are due to an inefficient core. This condition leads to compensation patterns, swing faults, and eventual injury.

The Essential Movement for Golf Performance System develops optimal biomechanical and neuro-mechanical relationships in a golfer's body. This allows for effective transfer of learning, improved swing consistency and the ability to play the best golf possible.

    The Essential Golf concept is based upon the principles of the functional exercise:
    • Restore muscle balance - length / tension relationships
    • Functionally integrated strength development
    • Development of improved coordination - motor skill
    • Optimize joint health
    • Optimal nutrition
    • Optimal psychological development

    At Essential Movement for Golf, we follow the four qualities of functional development:
    • Flexibility
    • Stability
    • Strength
    • Power
6 Week package - $900
- Includes Assessment/Evaluation and 6 weeks Program Design with video of your Personal program

Essential Movement for Healthy Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching

     Do you want to:
    • increase vitality and well-being
    • guard against illness
    • realize ideal body weight and shape
    • improve performance
    • recover from chronic pain/injury

This program addresses the topic of food in a simple, effective way.

  Overall good health is built upon lifestyle and nutritional habits that help reduce the myriad of stressors that inundate our lives in today’s world. Physiologically, we are much the same as our primordial ancestors. Our body’s systems are struggling to cope and function in today’s rapidly changing world. We need a system that works for our individual bio-chemical needs. “You are what you eat” is so true. We are regenerating the billions of cells that make up our earthly bodies every couple of years! The food that goes in our mouths provides the material from which these cells are made. The HLC Program addresses this important topic.

- Fees based on consultation

Corrective/Performance Exercise Program
The Foundation for good physical health begins with posture.

Golf Performance Program
Optimal physical condition provides the foundation for skill in sports.

Healthy Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching
This program addresses the topic of food in a simple, effective way.