Training with Matt has improved my performance on the bike, but more importantly it has strengthened my body for every day life. My biggest obstacle was a lack of alignment, and Matt's approach has gotten me back on vertical. Matt does not adopt the approach of pounding the athlete into the ground. Instead, there is an assessment and customization to the individual athlete's needs. By resolving the impediments that exist, greater success is the outcome. I would highly recommend his approach and training.
Kevin H. Hudson
After multiple back surgeries and six months of outpatient physical therapy at Shepherd, my doctor at Shepherd recommended I start working with Matt Hurst in the middle of 2003. The recommendation was based on Matt's extensive experience working one on one with people with compromised backs. I later realized that much of the empathy and dedication Matt brings to this work comes from his own experience as a cancer survivor. My first year or so was critical with the work focused on building up core strength, learning how to do everyday movements with an injured back, and rebuilding endurance. Each year after that has built on those same movements and maintaining strength and flexibility. The protocol and disciplined work have been critical to my physical recovery. And Matt was one of several angels who who were critical to a very difficult journey back to normal life.
William Hipp

Corrective/Performance Exercise Program
The Foundation for good physical health begins with posture.

Golf Performance Program
Optimal physical condition provides the foundation for skill in sports.

Healthy Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching
This program addresses the topic of food in a simple, effective way.